Pirates Kitchen

Pirates Kitchen serves up a Cajun-inspired menu, including their famous boiled seafood and has its unique fusion twist on this delicious cuisine.

Akafuji - a sushi/Japanese restaurant

Highly rated sushi restaurant serving one of OC’s best and affordable omakase specials.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee

High end coffee shop with multiple locations in OC.


A gourmet breakfast and burger restaurant that is hugely popular with the foodie influencers.

Feu Noodle Bar

A Popular pho and noodle concept serving one of the best pho bowls in the OC.

Yelp reviews

This is one of the best pho places I’ve been to and has a ton of celebrity customers in their Studio City.

Harbor Mexican Café

A local institution serving classic Mexican cuisine for over 30 years.

Furai Chicken- Korean fried chicken restaurant opening in May 2021.

Cuzco Peruvian Restaurant – Peruvian and Empanada concept opening in August 2021